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How to make Strata Better

The strata industry in Australia is currently under scrutiny due to practices exposed by investigations into companies like Netstrata, revealing excessive fees and conflicts of interest. These issues are compounded by a lack of transparency and complex management contracts, making it difficult for apartment owners to understand or contest unjust charges.

Emerging digital technologies present a promising solution to these endemic problems. Platforms equipped with AI, like, offer opportunities to revolutionize strata management in several ways:

Enhanced Transparency

Digital platforms can improve transparency by using AI to analyze and report financial data clearly. This transparency helps prevent hidden charges and makes it easier for owners to scrutinize expenses.

Improved Efficiency

AI-powered tools can automate administrative tasks such as payment processing, financial reporting, and managing contractor bids. This automation reduces the chance for errors and unethical practices while enhancing operational efficiency.

Conflict of Interest Mitigation

AI algorithms can impartially assign work orders based on objective criteria like performance ratings and cost, avoiding personal biases and undisclosed agreements.

Proactive Compliance

Digital solutions can ensure regulatory compliance by alerting managers and owners of non-compliant transactions and automatically updating systems in response to legal changes.

Community Engagement

Technological platforms can also foster community engagement by providing accessible forums and voting platforms, empowering owners to actively participate in governance.

The integration of digital technologies into strata management could lead to significant improvements in transparency, efficiency, and fairness, promoting a healthier environment for apartment owners and restoring trust in the strata industry. As the sector evolves, adopting these innovations could be key to addressing its challenges effectively, ensuring strata living remains a viable option for residents.

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