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Taking The Friction Out Of Strata

Welcome to Kobode Strata –
where innovation meets strata property management.

With over 30 years at the forefront of technological advancements, we're not just a company; we're a catalyst for change in the strata management sector.


Our journey began with a vision to simplify and revolutionise the way multi-owned dwellings are managed.


Today, Kobode stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric solutions.

Understand Relevant Legislation

Understand relevant legislation, building history, and bylaws. 

Real-Time Expert Knowledge

Offer real-time expert knowledge, advice, and support. 

Automate & Manage Requests

Automate and manage key repair, maintenance, and renovation requests. 

Orchestrate The Entire Strata Commuity Ecosystem

Orchestrate the entire Strata community ecosystem, including compliance, insurance, legal, and accounting aspects. 

The Problem

The strata management sector is plagued by antiquated systems and processes: 

  • Over-reliance on manual processes leading to overwhelming workloads.

  • Owners lack knowledge about their roles and responsibilities in strata schemes. 

  • Poor communication and responsiveness, causing conflicts. 

  • Inefficiencies in building maintenance and financial management. 

  • Lack of leadership and governance in committees. 

  • Underutilisation of technology and interoperability issues among vendors. 

Our Solution

An automated platform that incorporates AI to understand all relevant legislation, building history & bylaws, and each owner’s context, to provide a source of accurate and reliable information, helping Strata managers & Owners navigate Strata without friction.

Platform Benefits and Features


Comprehensive natural language understanding and broad-based general knowledge. 


Tailor-made strata and building-specific advice. 


Automated request handling and intelligent workflow planning. 


Integration with standard technology tools like emails, calendars, and CRM. 


Speed, quality, and consistency in responses and services. 

Abstract Background

Benefits for Strata Managers

Personalised Customer Experience

Increased Efficiency, Enabling Managers to Handle More Properties

Reduced Personnel Challenges & Mitigation of Burnout

Our Platform Aims To Transform The Strata Industry

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