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We believe

Seamless Community Living
is possible

7.png is the brainchild of Solentive Systems, a digital consultancy with a remarkable 30+ year track record  of success in building powerful digital platforms.


Recognising the need for a transformative solution in an industry starved of suitable technology, Solentive leveraged its extensive experience and capabilities to create

At Kobode we are obsessed with removing friction from community living.

We believe that owning a property should be virtually carefree, without all the overheads of having to learn how to comply with legislation, bylaws and the whims of others.

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Our vision is
to take even further

By harnessing the power of technology, is transforming how people navigate the complexities of strata management and development applications.

Streamlined Application Preparation: We're actively developing features to assist with preparing your DA submission, potentially including the submission itself (similar to how already handles certain strata use cases).

Enhanced Planning Processes: In the future, might even assist planners in their assessment of applications, potentially facilitating provisional approvals.

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Not in the future, but now

Start exploring the possibilities of an AI platform to solve real-world challenges and optimise services to take the friction out of Community Living.

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