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 Kobode Council

AI-Powered Planning Solution

Embark on an Intelligent Development Journey

Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow: Kobode's AI Revolution

Welcome to the forefront of development application innovation, where AI is not just a buzzword but a game-changer in creating communities of the future. Our commitment to the National Housing Accord and its vision for housing supply and affordability is steadfast.

We offer NSW Councils an extraordinary opportunity to reshape the local development landscape with
cutting-edge AI-driven solutions.

A Symphony of Use Cases:

Where Technology Meets Practicality

Our vision rests on four core use cases, all designed to deliver the efficiency and quality you demand.

Pathways and Requirements Finder

Kobode can help applicants navigate development pathways with the clarity and confidence that only AI can provide.

Risk-Based Triage

Kobode will sift through submissions at lightning speed, highlighting compliance with the meticulousness of a master planner.


Material Self-Assessment Health Check

Applicants can harness the power of AI for self-guided assessments, ensuring readiness and compliance. (Coming soon)


Material Assurance

Rely on Kobode to verify documentation integrity, instilling trust and certainty in every assessment.

Scale New Heights with Kobode

Step into a world where progress is measured not in days but in breakthroughs. Our platform is your partner in scaling efficiency, quality, and community satisfaction. It's time to transform the canvas of NSW planning (other Australian states to come online shortly) with the precision of AI and the vision of innovation.

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