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AI-powered platform designed to take the friction out of
Community Living is an innovative solution that empowers users to navigate complex compliance processes with ease. As a personal guide it provides clear instructions, simplifies complex information, and streamlines application submission.

AI Solution
for a Simplified Compliance Journey

Abstract Lines

Understanding Regulations Through Natural Language Processing uses natural language to understand broad-based knowledge, such as legislation, regulations, and specific building & site knowledge, such as history, bylaws and all related regulations.

Powering Issue Resolution & Requests with Intelligent Info

It provides accurate and reliable information to triage issues and handle requests. ditches complex forms for a familiar chat experience. This natural conversation ensures flexibility - no need for specific jargon, it will guide you step-by-step.

Your Compliance Questions can answer questions for lot & site owners to help them comply with legislation & regulations while facilitating improvements to their lots or sites, such as renovation plans in mulit-owned dwellings, and development applications for single tenant sites.

Streamlining Approvals for Strata, Owners, and Council

In the future, will be able to validate and provide all that is needed for applicants, in the form of provisional approval, which will assist strata committees/body corporates & owners corporation and council planners, to provide formal approvals.  

AI Assistant for Strata

Kobode  is an automated platform powered by AI that simplifies Strata management and ownership.  By understanding complex legislation, building history, bylaws, and individual owner situations, Kobode provides a single source of truth for accurate and reliable information. This empowers Strata managers and Owners to navigate Strata matters seamlessly, eliminating friction and saving valuable time.

AI Assistant for Council

Move beyond the hype and experience the transformative power of AI in development applications. Kobode is committed to the National Housing Accord's vision for accessible and affordable housing. We empower NSW councils to revolutionise their development landscape with cutting-edge AI solutions.

Platform Benefits and Features

Reduced time and effort can save users significant time and effort by automating many of the tasks involved in compliance.

Increased accuracy can save users significant time and effort by automating many of the tasks involved in compliance.

Improved confidence gives users the confidence they need to navigate compliance processes successfully.
Aims To Transform
The Community Living  Industry

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